Sweet Alice – you here at the Pits?” Hutch bent down to kiss her on the cheek


“Hi guys. How was your Christmas?” Alice asked.


“We were on duty, as always,” Starsky snorted. He put his hand on Alice’s. “And you, schweetheart?”


“On duty.” Alice made a face.


“Oh well…” Hutch knew her ambiguous feelings about her job, how often had Starsky and he tried to convince her to change her life. So far without success.


“You need our help to bust a pushy john, just say it!” Starsky rubbed his hands enthusiastically.


Alice took a deep breath. “No.  I need to get off the streets – and I mean it. If you guys know a job for me…”


“Mmm,” Hutch mumbled, not convinced that Alice meant it seriously.


“This Christmas was the worst I ever had.” Alice looked down and Hutch wasn’t sure if there was a tear on her beautiful face.


Then Starsky nudged him. “Hutch, I’m sure Huggy could use some help here in the Pits.”


Hutch looked at Alice questioningly. “We could talk to Huggy…”


“Guys, that could be the closure of my old life and a second chance…” Sweet Alice leaned against Hutch and rested her head on his shoulder


“If you’re ready for it,” Starsky said seriously.


“You bet!” Sweet Alice said, and for the first time her smile seemed untroubled.


Happy New Year!



The end







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