You gonna date Gina tonight?” Starsky asked, digging into his hamburger.


Hutch yawned. “No. I’m just too tired. What about you?”


“That petite red head from vice is on my mind.” Starsky wiggled his eyebrow.


“You’re lucky. Your dates don’t turn out to be hookers.” Hutch sighed.


“What’s wrong with you? Just because Gillian worked for Grossman...?” Starsky frowned.


“I fall for the wrong women.” Hutch got up and took his cup to the sink. He stood there, looking out into the dark.


“And now you think Gina is that kind of women, too?” Starsky shook his head.


When Hutch didn’t answer, Starsky pushed his plate aside and stood up, joining his partner.


“Hutch, that doesn’t make sense. Gina is a cute girl.”


"And you haven't seen her with another man, have you?” Hutch sounded sarcastic.


“Of course not! Why do you think she could be a …” Starsky didn’t finish the sentence.


“Look, when I asked her out recently, she didn’t have time, and pretended that she had to work.”


“She’s a reporter, always on the run,” Starsky said.


“Like Gillian.” Hutch turned away, fumbling for his jacket on the chair.


“Hutch, don’t be stupid!” Starsky grabbed Hutch’s arm. “You love Gina, don’t you?”


“I’m not sure,” Hutch replied quietly, finally meeting Starsky’s eyes.


“Tell me what’s bothering you.” Starsky led Hutch to the couch and pushed him gently against the cushions. He sat down next to his partner.


Hutch looked at him. “One time, Gina was wearing a mini skirt, with fishnet stockings.” Hutch wiped his palm over his face.


“Yeah, she looks sexy, what's the problem?” Starsky nudged Hutch. “Gina is OK. Trust me.”


“No guts, no glory, huh?” Now Hutch smiled.


“That’s my boy. Go ahead, call her!” Starsky got up, pulling Hutch with him.






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