Torino Awards 2006
Second Language Writer - 2nd Place

Second Language Story - 3rd Place - Piece Of Cake
Second Language Writer - 3rd Place 
Snippet - 2nd Place - Coma Talk
Drabble/Double Drabble - 2nd Place - Last Minute
Poem - 2nd Place - Starsky
Poem - 3rd Place - If I Hadn't Seen
Second Language Story - 3rd Place - One Of Those Summer Days
Action/Adventure Story - 2nd Place - On The Road
Tearjerker Story - 3rd Place - The Last Letter
Humor Story - 2nd Place - Bullet Proof
Alternate Universe Story - 2nd Place
Second Language Writer - 3rd Place
1st place Short Story - Blessing In Disguise
1st place Snippet - Schadenfreude (Gloating)
1st place Drabble/Double Drabble - Gloaming
1st place Poem - A Song For You, My Frie
1st place Second language Story - Soapy
1st place Action/Adventure Story - Back To Nature
1st place Humor Story - Boo! Or How To Arrest A Criminal
1st place Ordinary Day Story - Rien Ne Va Plus
2nd place Hurt/Comfort Writer
2nd place Humor Writer
1st place Action/Adventure Writer
1st place Second Language Writer

The SH911 Achievement awards are meant to honor the work of members that give us joy in this fandom who's work cannot appear on the site due to LJ constraints of size, or type.
The prizes for these three separate awards will be equivalent to the Diamond Ollie.

The Ollie Achievement Award for a Zine created in 2010-11

The award for this achievement goes to Monika Oasis for her authorship of the zine, The Latest Model.

Monika Oasis has been gracing us with her work for over five years in the Starsky & Hutch fandom. This zine's story took several years of dedication and hard work to complete.

The Latest Model is highly exciting case story, as well as a slash first time story, in which Starsky and Hutch both have to go undercover to solve a complicated crime.

Having reviewed the zine, it is presented with strong characterization with interesting original characters that with Monika's clear writing style, creates continuity with her plot. Long novels are not the easiest things to achieve, but Monika's skill with banter and a buddy-like atmosphere rings true throughout. Here are some of the qualities the moderators found:

“--the zine is riveting, entertaining and an interesting read, as it has a good, dangerous detective case for them to solve topped with some nice slash and the focus on their bond and special warm relationship, as we usually know it from Monika´s writing.”

“--the art is outstandingly intense and eye catching, there are three interior charcoal drawings, which directly refer to the scenes of the story and one color pastel drawing as the cover, which alone sticks out with the radiant blue 'Starsky color'”

“--Monika has such sweetness and warmth in the first time scene, the reader has to smile and just has to love them.”

The Latest Model is available from Requiem publications as listed here.

(See zine cover below)






Nominations 2006
Second Language Writer
Second Language Story - Piece of Cake
Drabble - Left Behind
Nominations 2007
Outstanding drabble - Rain
Outstanding second language story - Blessing In Disguise
Outstanding alternative universe story - Blessing In Disguise
Outstanding ordinary day story - Rien Ne Va Plus
Outstanding second language writer
Outstanding poetry writer
Nominations 2008
Outstanding snippet - Coma Talk
Outstanding drabble/double drabble -  Last Minute
Outstanding poem - Starsky
                      Outstanding poem - If I Hadn't Seen
Outstanding second language story - One Of Those summer Days
Outstanding action/adventure story - On The Road
Outstanding tearjerker story - The Last Letter
Outstanding humor story - Bullet Proof
Outstanding alternative universe story - Blessing In Disguise
Outstanding action/adventure writer
Outstanding second language writer
Outstanding second language writer
Outstanding drabble - Gloaming
Outstanding short story - Blessing In Disguise
Outstanding hurt/comfort writer
Outstanding second language story - Soapy
Outstanding poem - A Song For You, My Friend
Outstanding humor writer
Outstanding snippet - Gloating
Outstanding action/adventute story - Back To Nature!
Outstanding humor story - Boo! Or how To Arrest A Criminal
Outstanding ordinary  day story - Rien Ne Va Plus
Outstanding action/adventure writer

The Latest Model
Artwork by Moni K.

The Diamond Ollie Award Winner 2011