“Hutch, I’m so excited! St Thomas will be great. I can go sunbathing, diving…” He patted Hutch’s back. “I told Dobey not to let you work too hard. Two weeks will be over soon.”


“Give me your bag and shut up!” Hutch grabbed the bag and let out a surprised yelp. “Are you carrying stones?” He hauled the bag into the trunk.


“I took Huggy’s diving gear.”




Silently, Hutch navigated them to the airport. He should be happy for Starsky. And yet, it would have meant so much to him joining his partner and best friend, celebrating Starsky’s survival from the deadly poison. Hutch realized that Huggy must feel much closer to Starsky, giving him this trip.


“You can park over there.” Starsky pointed to a building on the right.


“No, partner. That’s the parking lot for long term parking.” Hutch said patiently.


“Exactly.” Starsky waved with two tickets in front of Hutch’s face. “In one hour we are up in the sky. Me and thee.”


“No …” Hutch shook his head incredulously.


Starsky grabbed his face with both hands. “How could I go without you?”


“My stuff…”


“...is in my bag.”


“You’re nuts!”


“I love you too, Bozo.”





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