By The Waterfall
Artwork by TLR



Starsky switched off the TV. It had been a hell of a day. He'd sprained his ankle, and


without sympathy, Hutch had sighed, ”I’m done! See you tomorrow.”


Remembering a funny sketch with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Starsky decided to take a bath. He turned the water on, imitating Jerry Lewis’ raspy voice.


“By the waterfall, I’m calling you – ou – ou – ou …”


Starsky slid into the tub and leaned back. The warmth felt so good.


“By the waterfall…We can share it all beneath a ceiling of blue…” Starsky sang.


“Sorry to interrupt your aria. You forgot your Tiger Balm ointment at my place. I thought I'd bring it. Just in case…” Hutch came in unannounced.


“Thanks, buddy. I just watched a nice sketch with Lewis and Martin,” Starsky said. “Jerry takes a bath, and when Dean Martin wants to show him what soap is, Jerry…”


With a swift movement, Starsky grabbed Hutch by the arm and dragged him willy-nilly into the tub.


“What the hell...” Hutch spit out water.


“Showing, not telling.” Starsky's hands roamed over the clothes glued to Hutch’s lean body. Then he pulled Hutch close and silenced all possible complaints by kissing Hutch’s wet face.











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