Vanessa put her little bag on the floor and opened the hotel room. Ten years ago, she and Ken had spent their honeymoon here.


Five years later, she had yelled at Ken, “You can’t give me what I need. Go to hell with that partner of yours!”


Now she was broke, with no dreams left. “Ken, I wish I could make it up to you,” she sighed. Van chose the bourbon in the bar. Tonight, she would drown her sorrow, remembering the love of her life, Ken Hutchinson.


She dozed off, pleasant memories filling her head. First she ignored the knocking at the door. Finally, she got up from the bed, swaying lightly.


“Coming,” she murmured. She opened the door and stared at two men. She could barely utter a word.


“Van,” the blond man said.


“I told you it’s her!” exclaimed the curly headed one.


“Oh, my God, Ken.” Vanessa sank down. Strong arms steadied her.


“It’s okay, we wanted to say hello,” Ken said.


“We were at a meeting, and suddenly I saw you,” Starsky said.


“Ken and David - come in!” Van waved them into the room. “I’m so glad to see you. Let’s celebrate our reunion.”








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