By Monika  07/07



Yknow... Starsky yawned broadly. This stake out is definitely getting on my nerves. Anyone dumb enough to come back to the scene of the crime would have to be a complete idiot!



Thats the way it is, Hutch said, sounding somewhat superior.  Everyone knows criminals are drawn back to the scene of the crime.  Dobey wants us to stake out this place for one more night, so stop complaining. I even brought my book to kill the time.  Take a nap, or do whatever you want to do, but shut up and leave me alone!


Blondie, dont tell me you arent pissed off by this, Starsky insisted, shifting into a more comfortable position in the passengers seat of Hutchs old LTD.


Hey, that was my knee your heel just bumped into!  Isnt it enough Ive hurt my back - do you want to have me end up a complete invalid?  Hutchs annoyance was palpable.  Starsky mumbled an excuse and looked away.


Starsky had been wondering why Hutch was in such a bad mood for weeks.  The stakeout was only the last straw.  Starsky had been complaining, but the difference was that previously Hutch had been on his side.  They used to both made fun of dumb assignments.  They knew Dobey had to follow the rules, and that there were times when their superior felt for them.  But now it seemed that Hutch was defending every order they got, and that made Starsky furious.


Looking over at Hutch, Starsky could see that his partner was lost in his book.


Anything unusual? Starsky asked.


Hutch shook his head.



It would be useful to know why the woman was killed in this desolate area, Starsky said.  He looked out at the lonesome stretch of trees and bushes.  They were miles away from town.  The murderer must have brought her here to assault her...


You know as well as I do that she was the third woman killed in this area, interrupted Hutch, putting his book aside.


Most likely, the murderer prefers places where no one can hear the screams of the women.  By the way, they were all hookers, except for the last, which you should also know.  Maybe he made a mistake and took the wrong woman.  He could feel remorseful and decide to come back in an attempt to atone for his crime, but thats hardly likely, Hutch condescended.


Yeah, thats it, Professor Hutchinson, Starsky hissed sarcastically. He bent forward to open the glove compartment. Somewhere he had seen a candy bar


Not a chance, so shut up! Hutch said, shortly.


Starsky felt his anger rise several degrees.


He twisted around completely, and turned his back to Hutch, deliberately knocking his hip into his partners.


Hutch retreated further, and Starsky knew something was wrong with his friend.



Maybe some music would lift their spirits. Shifting again Starsky reached for the radio and switched it on.


Spare me that station you tortured me with yesterday.  Hutch sighed.


Starsky shrugged.  You never told me you dont like Swing.


Starsky, the only music I feel like listening to right now is country music.  Think of artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and...


Starsky stopped listening to Hutchs extended speech about folk songs in general. He was looking for a better station.


I cant get no satisfaction roared out of the radio and Starsky tapped both feet to the music, nodding his head.


Starsky, thats ridiculous! scolded Hutch, batted Starskys hand off the radio to change the channel.


There was a time you liked that, Starsky muttered, his curls still disarranged from his vigorous movements in time to the music.



As some of you may know, today is International Kissing Day in the UK, a female radio host announced.  Theres no such holiday here in the United States.  So, in an effort to call attention to the underrated pleasures of kissing, I want you to participate the following challenge: Find someone to kiss.  You have a whole week, so get cracking!  Start kissing now, and youll see how wonderful it is...



Before Starsky could make a comment he saw Hutch turn his head away, his hands gripping the steering wheel nervously.


Starsky, acting on the spur of the moment, scooted closer.  He laid his arm around Hutchs shoulders.  Hutch tensed, but didnt draw back.  Starsky bent forward to get a better look at Hutchs face.  Seeing the vulnerability and love there, he knew of only one thing to do.  Come here, he said quietly, cupping Hutchs cheek with his right hand and pulling him closer.


He felt little resistance as he kissed Hutchs cheek.  Moving to the side, he found Hutchs lips.  Starsky needed the contact, wanted his old friend back.  What he didnt count on was the impact the kiss would have on him.


Suddenly he felt lightheaded.  He was afraid that Hutch would push him away in another moment.  But instead Hutchs right arm dropped from the steering wheel and encircled his waist.  Starsky lingered on Hutchs soft lips a moment, before he broke the kiss.  He smiled, saying, Wasnt such a bad station, huh?


Mushbrain, Hutch said affectionately, trying to compose himself.


 Youre okay? Starsky asked.


Hutch breathed softly against Starskys ear, whispering, Yeah, finally.


What are we waiting for then? Starsky demanded.  We have to call attention to the underrated pleasures of kiss


His mouth was sealed with a passionate and tender kiss.



The end



Note: This story is dedicated to the International Day of Kiss on 6th July 


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